Johnny B. Goode – Back To The Future Style

Anybody who knows me well, probably knows that the Back to the Future trilogy are my favorite movies. So naturally, this is one of my favorite all time clips. This clip from BTTF 1 was probably one of the biggest reasons I got so infatuated with the guitar.

One of the first songs I ever learned, I remember playing Johnny B. Goode on my first Fender acoustic guitar. Bending those notes on old bronze 13’s, coupled with the ridiculously high action wasn’t much fun. When I finally got to play this song on my first electric a couple years later, I remember being elated. It was soooo much easier and I could really bend those notes. I think I would have made Marty or Chuck proud. Whether you like the Back to the Future trilogy or rock and roll at all, I guarantee, your kids are gonna love it. Sorry, I had to.

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