Guitar Amplifier Head Shelf

Guitar Amplifier Shelf

I do a lot of DIY projects. One idea I was envisioning was an industrial rugged guitar amplifier head shelf. I wanted to be able to keep them off the floor and be easily able to plug and play into any amplifier. Plus, it has to look cool.

Above is what I came up with. It is made from construction grade pine 2×3 and 1×12 boards. The shelf is held together with 3/8″ all-thread cut to 15″ lengths. The whole shelf is held together with tension. I really like the look of rugged wood and metal.

The shelf is 70″ tall and 36″ wide. I simply built a frame out of the 2×3 boards with a cross brace in the center held together by 2.5″ deck screws. I drilled holes for the all-thread every 14″ starting 1.25″ from the top edge (half of the 1×3 board). After cutting the all-thread to 15″ lengths with an angle grinder with a metal cutting wheel on it, I simply added the washers and nuts to loosely hold the frame together.

I then placed the 1×12 boards that I cut to 36″ in length on top of the all-thread rods. Using a level to ensure that each shelf was flat, I tightened up each rod to hold it all in place. I should mention that before I put it all together I gave it all a light sanding with 150 grit, and stained it “Espresso” from Minwax.

Now my amps are off the floor, and it look great in my office. Let me know if you have any questions or want the plans. Rock ‘n Roll!

Guitar Amplifier Shelf

Guitar Amplifier Shelf

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