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“...EB support is quite limited in Russia...”

Meet Lisa Bagrova

Lisa is our little butterfly girl from a small village in Bashkortostan Russia. She was born with EB of the dystrophic recessive form, and has been fighting with it for 5 years ever since. She is a pure butterfly, who likes cooking with her mom in the kitchen and who loves dogs so much! Unfortunately EB support is quite limited in Russia and entirely absent in Bashkortostan, which makes Lisa and her parents fight with this drastic disease all alone. Being alone in this is what makes it dramatically difficult, which is why we are calling for any kind of help worldwide.

Lisa’s father works as a truck driver to support her and the family financially since all the treatments and bandages supplies are highly expensive. Currently Lisa’s condition requires the follow up medical checks and treatment for esophagus’s problem and the heart failure. The closest hospital for that is located in Germany, where Lisa would need to travel to and which is expensive for her family. Monetary support is very much needed in this situation. There is only one foundation supporting EB in Russia, and though they are doing a great job, they cannot provide such monetary support for Lisa.

At the moment we have collected some funds, which are used to get a new supply of bandages for the next 2-3 months. It is a great thing for Lisa and her family. We are so thankful for that and kindly asking for your further prayers and support. Unbearable to see Lisa fighting all alone far back in the middle of Eurasia. Let’s fight this together! Please help us with donations! You can donate via PayPal by clicking the DONATE button on the top or bottom of the page, or on our fundraising page. Thank you for anything you can contribute!

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Lisa Needs Your Help.