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“"I wish to inspire and leave my impression upon each person's heart that I encounter."”

Meet Stevie Marie Hislop

My name is Stevie. I am 24 & I suffer from a rare genetic condition call Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). My skin is as fragile as a butterfly’s wing. It blisters at the slightest of touches. I created a YouTube channel over 5 years ago. I didn’t know where this journey would take me nor did I think YouTube would ever change my life!

I broadcasted to the world to be judged and criticized, yet none of this ever happened to me. I emphasized my true beauty, it shines through even on days when I’m in so much pain. I sometimes feel like giving up, yet my passion pushed me beyond anything I could possibly ever imagine! I have a motto that is “Live For The Moment & Believe In Yourself As Anything Is Possible If You Keep Focused & Stay Determined”.

This took my passion of makeup to a new and exciting level. At first I was terrible at applying makeup, as I sit and watch older videos. Then, over time I fell in-love with makeup and this trigged my inspiration to create art on my eyes. I watched many videos over time and learned new and exciting ways of applying makeup.

This concept of applying makeup made me feel confident & beautiful, it helped me feel pretty within my own skin. People started to share in my passion & told me they loved watching me create makeup looks and doing all types of tutorials on YouTube. This truly was an inspiration for me to wake up each and everyday, determined to make others feel beautiful about themselves as well.

Each of us have beauty within, no matter what you may look like. There is always someone thinking, “Wow she is beautiful”. Finding that person that sees your inner beauty is breath-taking. I want to help others feel beautiful within.

I decided over 4 years ago that I wanted to help many people including young girls, women & anyone that cared to listen and follow me on my dream to create a makeup line/brand that is unique & suitable for butterfly skin, sensitive skin, and anyone that enjoys wearing makeup. I dream to change so many peoples lives with this “Butterfly Cosmetics”. I DREAM to make everyone feel as beautiful and confident as I do when I wear makeup. I wish to inspire and leave my impression upon each person’s heart that I encounter. This would be a very massive life changing experience as it would give me so much happiness and a sense of achievement.

I appreciate everything that comes my way in life. I thank you for taking the time to read my dream and I hope someone out there can help my dreams become a reality.

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