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Meet Derra Sabo

Hi! My name is Derra Nicole and I was born with E.B. Life with EB is like a road trip. Sure, sometimes you run into a pot hole, get a flat tire or get lost once or twice, but for the most part it’s an awesome adventure! So i say crank up tunes, take lots of pics and enjoy the beautiful ride!

I’m a writer at heart, words are the portal to my soul. Music is my escape. I love to cook, draw, dance, go to the movies and beach. “I’m an adventurer by fate, not by choice” – Van Gough

I love when someone tells me that I can’t do something because they think it would be too hard for me. I get a thrill when I not only prove them wrong, but do it a bit better than them. 🙂 You call me different and to that i say, “You bet! I tried being normal, it was boring!”

Live big, laugh hard & love passionately ♥

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