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“... pushes himself even when activities are hard or painful for him.”

Meet Samuel Diaz

Samuel Diaz was born on September 16,2005, with a rare genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). EB causes the skin to be extremely fragile due to a missing protein in the skin. Those with EB face many challenges since daily activities can cause painful wounds. Sam has one of the more severe forms of EB, the recessive dystrophic form (RDEB).

Despite the challenges Sam faces with EB, he has a great attitude about life and amazing strength. Sam is very active and pushes himself even when activities are hard or painful for him. Sam’s interests include soccer and weather. Sam loves playing and watching soccer. He is a Seattle Sounders and Real Madrid fan. Sam absolutely loves learning about weather, specifically tornadoes and hurricanes!

Thank you for reading about Sam! Any help is appreciated! Any PayPal donations will go to help with the cost of wound care items that are not covered by insurance and travel expenses for appointments. Thanks!

Sam was recently featured in an article in The Spokesman-Review. Read it here!

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