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“...has worn bandages on his body since day one.

Meet Oxlee Rodriguez Jr.

Oxlee Rodriguez Jr. was born August 25, 2001 in North Carolina…a born Tar Heels fan. He was transferred shortly after birth to a hospital with an appropriate NICU and was diagnosed with RDEB. Ox has always been an “old soul”. His personality has always preceded him. He is always ready to talk trash regarding sports, crack jokes, or just be silly. We learned early on that he is very sensitive to others, compassionate, and caring.

Oxlee Jr. has worn bandages on his body since day one. Wound care has always been a source of stress and frustration for him, but he handles it with bravery. He has never been able to participate in sports but that doesn’t stop him from knowing the game as well as the adults. He is a fierce Denver Broncos fan and follows the Washington Nationals baseball team. Oxlee is currently in 7th grade and like most kids, enjoys school sometimes.

We have faced many challenges and obstacles in Oxlee’s 12 years and it seems as though we have many more coming our way. We’ll take the cues from Ox and face them together with bravery, strength, humor, and compassion.

Please pray for our son in your quiet moments. He needs all the strength, healing, and love he can get.

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