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“...fingers are scarring badly and he is always in pain.

Meet Jonathon Connolly

Jonathon is a 14 year old young man who loves hockey, football, and anything to do with firefighters. He has a lot of dreams but knows that some will be impossible because of his EB. He tries to not let EB get in his way and is not afraid to try new things.

When Jonathon was born, he was perfect! No skin missing, no blisters, and no issues. It wasn’t until he was five days old he got his first blister on his heel. It took us three months to finally hear those words “Epidermolysis Bullosa”.

Jonathon’s skin as a baby was pretty good, but as he got older he got worse. His needs have become so much more than when he was little. He is now always covered in bandages and every few months a new area will break down. He is always in and out of the hospital due to infections. His fingers are scarring badly and he is always in pain. Everyday, he still gets up with a smile!

**If you would like to send Jonathon a gift, he can always use iTunes gift cards in order to buy music, movies, and apps to keep him occupied during hospital stays. You may mail them to the address listed below!

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