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“...struggles with severe pain on a daily basis.”

Meet Charlie Knuth

Charlie was born with Severe Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. After being abandoned at the hospital shortly after his birth, our family brought him home with us and he became Charlie Knuth. Charlie has undergone two stem cell transplants at the University of MN under the direction of Dr. Jakub Tolar. Even though his skin has become much stronger, he still requires full dressing changes and struggles with severe pain on a daily basis.

Recently, Dr. Jakub Tolar and a team of researchers from around the world were able to “correct” Charlie’s DNA in the laboratory. His cells are now producing Col 7 (the missing proteins that bind the two layers of skin together). This is exciting and hopeful news for every person living with EB. We are anxiously waiting for approval, and then……Charlie can have his “OWN” cells given back to him. The brilliant team of doctors are still working on perfecting this ground-breaking research. This “medical miracle” started in “THE LAB.” The lab needs funding. Charlie appreciates toys, cards, and gifts…but what he needs more than anything is A CURE. Help Charlie FUND THE CURE. Every cent donated to Charlie will go directly to Research. Every cent.

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