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“...blisters in her mouth, ears, and nose, and under her fingernails.”

Meet Adriana Catlin

Adriana Nicole Catlin was born on November 23, 2012, in Demopolis, AL. She was born with Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa and Pyloric Atresia. Immediately after her cord was cut, Adriana was airlifted to Birmingham Children’s Hosptial where she stayed for a month. At only one day old, she had surgery to connect her intestines and had a G-tube placed. Adriana only eats from the G-tube because everything she was taking by mouth would go into her lungs.

Adriana has been 11 pounds for 5 months now. Everything that the doctors have tried has not worked.

The only part of Adriana’s body that gets wrapped is her elbow, which had no skin on it when she was born. She gets blisters in her mouth, ears, and nose, and under her fingernails. Her bandages are changed daily.

Adriana is the youngest of three girls, but she is the only one who has EB. We had never heard of EB before, but with prayer in faith we will make it!

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