Confidence In An Awesome God

Awesome God

Confidence In An Awesome God

Do you think that God inspired all the authors of the Bible to include the miraculous and even hard to believe stories and examples of incredible power and overcoming victories to show off? Is God bragging on Himself?

There is no doubt that God wants you to respect and acknowledge His omnipotence, omnipresence, omni-(everything awesome). And we should.

Likely, God is providing these triumphant, even overwhelming stories to our feeble human minds like a hammer to a nail to pound it into us. When we abide and place all we are in Him, He has us covered, in control, taken care of, no matter what.

So then, why do we, like the people of Israel, often forget about His power. We allow our hearts, minds, and eyes to drift to a horizontal perspective instead of the vertical.

Do you believe that EVERYTHING is possible with God, as He says and proves over and over in His word and in our own lives? Or, are you, (and I), going to worry, fret, and waste time when the answer is being hammered into us? If you are a believing follower of Christ, and have a real personal relationship with Him, even in death, we face new life and victory, eternal. We need to live like it. I need to live like it.

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