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Whether you have lived a righteous life and attained your crown of glory with gray hair (Proverbs 16:31), or are still newborn in Christ craving the spiritual milk (1 Peter 2:2), it is of utmost importance to have biblical, historical, scientific, and theoretical knowledge of the truth of God and His word. Every christian should be equipped to answer their own questions and others’, to be able to defend the reasons for faith in the one true living God with intellect!

I believe this is one of the biggest problems facing the church. We have a body of believers that know more about sport statistics and pop culture than what they have based their entire lives on, Jesus and God’s Word. When an unbeliever challenges their faith, or even simply asks a question, so often the average believer does not have an answer. Just as problematic, is when that believer because of their lack of knowledge and intellect behind why the word of God is the truth and can be trusted, stumbles in their own lives and begins to doubt.

I’ll use the most often heard remark in my experience, “How can you trust something that was written by man? Man makes mistakes.” How would you answer this? It’s time to get equipped! Below I’ve listed my favorite resources for Christian apologetics. These apologists consist of theologians, scientists, historians and even detectives. I encourage you to visit these resources and search for any questions that you may have or encounter on your journey with Christ. This list will most likely continue to grow over time. – Challenging believers to think, and thinkers to believe.
Apologetics Press – Over three decades Apologetics Press has published books related to reason, revelation, discovery, bible contradiction and topics that challenges faith.
CARM – Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Cold-Case Christianity – Cold Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace
God and Science – Evidence for God from Science
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries – Reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Is Jesus God? – Discovery Series

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